Networking, inspiration and valuable knowledge for your startup.

Entrepreneurs:Thursday creates a confidential space where you can meet other entrepreneurs from Horsens in an informal setting.


Join us when we dive into a new topic every time we meet: 

  • Start-up Eco-system in Horsens. Friends for every stage of your business idea. Including presentation of your product idea. 
    Hosted by: Business Horsens & Venture City Horsens
  • Prototyping and UX-design, tools & practices
    Hosted by: VIA Student Incubator Horsens & VIA University College
  • Startup Game Tool workshop
    Product, business model, nearby network, etc. 
    Hosted by: Venture City Horsens
  • Funding & Crowdfunding - get ready for pitching and campaigning
    Hosted by: VIA Student Incubator Horsens, VIA University College, & Venture City Horsens
  • Budgetting, Liquidity & Accounting - useful disciplines for business owners
    Hosted by: Learnmark  
  • The Market, a closer look at the battlefield, any rules out there? Any friends?
    Hosted by: Venture City Horsens
  • Pricing & Sales. Finding your prices, and your way to achieve your first sales
    Hosted by: Business Horsens 
  • Market Penetration & SoMe. Strategies for combining few resources with maximal results First million.
    Hosted by: Learnmark 
  • Pitch Party - including road map for your next steps
    Hosted by: VIA Student Incubator Horsens

Do you want to know more? 

Business Horsens
Christian Lauridsen cla@businesshorsens.dk

VIA Student Incubator Horsens
Pernille Hjort pehb@via.dk

Hans Hønborg hjen@learnmark.dk

Venture City Horsens
Jan Lindegaard jl@venturecity.dk