Living in Horsens

Welcome to Horsens, Hedensted and district! This welcome folder will help you to get started on your new life in Horsens, Hedensted and district and provide you with a wide range of practical information on moving to and living in this area.

The Municipality of Horsens is home to more than 80,000 people – and the number is growing. Settlements are on the rise, as is the number of new jobs in both private and public sectors.

"Newcomer" in Horsens or Hedensted?

For "newcomers" in Horsens, a welcome team from the Municipality of Horsens stands by to ensure a smooth and unproblematic arrival and integration. In general, people are well-educated and they understand and speak English. A friendly, forthcoming and helpful attitude characterises the inhabitants of Horsens.

Horsens offers a great variety of childcare facilities. After the age of 26 weeks, your child is entitled to be taken care of in one of the many public daycare centers situated all over the city and in the suburbs. Childcare is partly state-funded.
Moreover, Horsens has more than 20 primary and secondary schools as well as two schools for children with special needs. These schools are one hundred percent publically funded.

Cultural life in Horsens

Horsens is famous for its vibrant cultural life. The calendar is filled with concerts, exhibitions and exciting festivals throughout the year. Horsens stands out in the crowd of Danish cultural locations - especially by featuring international stars like The Rolling Stones, Madonna, R.E.M., Robbie Williams and in 2010 - U2 and AC/DC.

For more information on how to get a good start as an international family in Horsens and Hedensted i.e. working and living here, please visit the website 

Download the brochure "Welcome to Horsens" for an indepth and  colourful presentation of Horsens city and its surrounding areas.