The dynamic Horsens region, Denmark, offers great opportunities for international companies

Horsens - in the Heart of Denmark

The dynamic Horsens region in Denmark

Located in the very centre of Denmark, in the midst of a highly developed infrastructure, the dynamic Horsens region offers great opportunities for international companies. Several companies are choosing Horsens as location for their headquarter due to the excellent infrastructure, which is benefitial for clients, employees, suppliers, transporters and exporters.

Furthermore, future-oriented business policies and a tradition of smooth cooperation between organisations and government ensure that Horsens businesses receive the highest level of service.

And is it not just private businesses that are coming to Horsens. An increasing number of public services are also being placed here. Horsens is the regional headquarter for police, tax, courts, regional government and hospital services. In just a few years, these areas will account for more than 1,500 new jobs throughout the municipality.

The surrounding areas constitute a massive pool of manpower. More than one million people live within a 45 minute driving distance from Horsens. The workforce is well-educated, flexible and - naturally - speaks English.